Research is already underway for the 2021 edition of the IP STARS rankings and the Managing IP Awards programme, a project which started on September 1, 2020. 
The firm submission deadline (October 31, 2020) has passed and the firm submission portal is now closed. We will reopen the portal later this year (on September 1) for the 2022 edition.
If you did not register or submit last year, please register your interest in the research (click here) and join/listen to our webinar (click here).
Below are some common questions about our research and publication. Please also read the information on the FAQ page.

Why is it important for firms to participate each year?

The minimum we expect from firms each year is that they should submit their firm questionnaire and client referees documents ('research forms'). The submission process is simple: complete the research forms and upload to our online submissions portal. 

Regardless of whether your firm is ranked or not, it is important to submit your forms each year because our firm rankings are subject to change each year, i.e. a firm can be added, upgraded, downgraded or removed. Annual participation demonstrates that your firm’s IP practice is credible and active, and it helps us build up reasonable research data on your firm and practitioners. 

We also use the information in the firm questionnaire to decide the IP Stars lists and Managing IP Awards.

Lastly, we're looking into other ways to recognise certain unranked firms that participated in our research; when/if we decide to do something on this, we'll prioritise those firms that consistently participate in our research.


Do firms and individuals have to pay to participate in the research and/or to be ranked or to win an award?

No. It is absolutely free to participate in our research. For the avoidance of doubt, commercial dealings with Managing IP (for example, paying for a subscription or advertisement) do not and will not influence our research results. Firms and individuals are recognised only on merit.


Do you change your research process and forms each year?

Our research methodology has not changed and we do not have any plan to change it in the near future. However, each year we seek feedback on how to improve our research forms, i.e. the firm questionnaire and client referees document, and the submission process. We avoid making significant changes to the research forms.


Can you briefly explain your research methodology?

The firm rankings, IP Stars lists and Managing IP Awards are based on the information we obtain from different sources, including firm submissions, publicly available information and market feedback. Please read more about our methodology here.


Where can those who wish to participate find the research forms and guidelines?

The latest research forms (available in August), link to the online submission portal (opens on September 1) and submission guidelines will be made available here.

When is the firm submission deadline?

The deadline to submit your firm questionnaire and client referees documents is October 31.


Do you have different research dates/deadlines for different regions or jurisdictions?



Which regions and jurisdictions do you cover?

Click on a region's navigation tab above to see the jurisdictions and rankings we have under it. We always consider new jurisdictions to introduce, but this depends on the number of research participants and amount of research data.


We have IP teams in offices in different countries in our region (or, for US firms, in different States in the US), can we submit one firm questionnaire to cover all the countries? Or do we have to submit one form for each country?

You are required to submit one form for each jurisdiction/country. Please only submit for the jurisdiction/country and/or US state in which you would like us to consider your firm for our rankings and awards. Although not mandatory, US firms may wish to also submit by state.


When do you survey individual practitioners and how does it work?

We survey individual practitioners as well as referees after the firm submission deadline (starting from November). We send an email to the current IP Stars and anyone else that is interested in taking part in the practitioner survey. Please note that completing the survey does not guarantee ranking, and there is no special form or survey to complete for the Top 250 Women in IP list and Corporate IP Stars list.


Can the marketing/business development staff complete the practitioner survey on behalf of practitioners?

No. The practitioner survey is designed for practitioners to complete themselves because only they will know the answers to the questions.

Please also note that we do not have a Word or PDF copy of the practitioner survey.


When do you start your research interviews?

First, you do not need to submit your research forms before scheduling an interview with us. The main purpose of the interview is to get feedback on our rankings and the Managing IP awards.

We will schedule and conduct the first batch of interviews between September and November. The second batch of interviews starts in December and ends in January. Please note that the interviews are offered on a first come, first served basis.

We interview as many firms as possible and obtain a lot of data and therefore we regret that not all firms will be interviewed. Please note that not getting an interview with us will not in any way influence our decisions on your firm.


When will you publish the results of your research?

We will start publishing our research results from February (click here to learn about this year's publication). The firm rankings for patent and trade mark work will be published in the Managing IP magazine as well as on this website. The Managing IP Awards shortlists and winners are published on MIP's website,

Firms will be informed about the rankings and awards in advance, and we will publish an announcement on this website.

Our general research and results publication timeline can be found here.


Where can we find more information about your research?

Please click here. If you still have further questions after reviewing all the information on our website or have feedback to share please send them to

For the latest updates and announcements, please keep an eye on our news page (here), follow us on Twitter and/or join our LinkedIn group.