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IP boutique Luiz Leonardos is one of the established firms in Brazil. The firm is recommended for IP filing and disputes. Generalist IP lawyer Gustavo Leonardos is the firm’s managing partner. Ana Paula Jardim is one of the leading patent practitioners in the firm. Patrícia Aragão Lusoli and Luiz Leonardos are notable partners for trade mark instructions.



"They are knowledgeable and responsive."

"They are responsive and knowledgeable."

"They provide objective information and very good and fair opinions on trademark and patent cases."

"We appreciate their responsiveness and good advice."


Case studies show the firm advised on patent filing and disputes. The firm represented manufacturer MAHLE Metal Leve in a patent infringement action.

Trade mark

Case studies show filing and cancellation actions for brand owners in industries such as fashion, food & beverage, and technology. Clients include Ultimate Fitness Group, Canon, and Comité Champagne. Carolina Veiga Schueler Cardoso and Pedro Zardo Junior have left the firm. IP Star Ricardo Pinho left the firm in 2023.