Top 250 Women in IP - coming soon

Welcome to the 2019 edition of Managing Intellectual Property’s Top 250 Women in IP. This special publication recognises female practitioners in private practice who have performed exceptionally for their clients and firms in the past year. Some of them were also involved in IP advocacy and/or corporate social responsibility initiatives in their jurisdictions.

These leading female practitioners have been selected from our general IP stars list. There is no special process or survey to complete to be considered for this list. The list is based on all the information obtained during the research period for this edition. The research for this edition started in September 2018 and was concluded in January 2019. Read our methodology here. Firm names may have changed after publication. Please note that our firm rankings and individual listings are subject to change each year. If you have any feedback or questions please contact us at

Congratulations to all who made this year’s list!