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News & Analysis

When is joint use of trade marks allowed?

01 September 2018 by Managing Intellectual Property

Ten years ago the Austrian Supreme Court decided a case concerning Mazda and a tuning company. The tuning company had offered its chip tuning parts for a range of cars. It also named on its website the car types for which it offered these chips. For that it used the cars’ word marks and the figurative marks (logos).

News & Analysis

Court uses competition law to tackle bad faith registration

01 September 2018 by GoldenGate Lawyers

Bad faith trade mark registrations are a persistent problem encountered by foreign companies in China. It is reported that large-scale bad faith trade mark registrations have created an industry for numerous Chinese individuals and companies.

News & Analysis

African governments show increased interest in IP protection

01 September 2018 by Spoor & Fisher

On June 28 2018 the Zimbabwean authorities published a document entitled the Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Policy and Implementation Strategy.

News & Analysis

One Belt One Road brings opportunity and risk

01 September 2018 by Lee Chiao Ying

One Belt One Road (OBOR) is a government initiative proposed by China’s President Xi Jinping in September 2013 for joint economic development spanning 65 countries

News & Analysis

Examining proposed amendments to evidence collection procedures

01 September 2018 by ABE & Partners

The Japanese IP system has vulnerable evidence collection procedures in comparison with foreign countries.

News & Analysis

Supreme Court provides guidance on honest concurrent use

01 September 2018 by Daniel Greif

Section 13 Paragraph 2 of the Thai Trademark Act directs registrars to refuse applications for marks that are similar to a prior registered mark, given that such similarity is likely to mislead or confuse the public as to the ownership or origin of the goods claimed.

News & Analysis

Patenting computer-implemented inventions

01 September 2018 by Thomas Gibb

In recent years, machine learning and so-called ‘artificial intelligence’ systems have once again come into the spotlight.

News & Analysis

Change to patent examiners manual creates uncertainty

01 September 2018 by FB Rice

It is a long-standing principle of Australian patent law that determining whether or not a patent application is directed towards patentable subject matter should be done separately to determining issues of novelty and inventive step.

News & Analysis

Court decides on cases concerning a claim term mistake and utility

31 August 2018 by Managing Intellectual Property

The decision of the Full Federal Court in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare Investments (Ireland) (No 2) Limited v Generic Partners Pty Limited (2018) FCAFC 71 (May 10 2018) indicates that a mistake in a claim cannot be ignored even where the skilled person understands that a mistake has been made.

News & Analysis

Turkey: New company set to boost IP commercialisation

31 August 2018 by Özge Atilgan Karakulak

Özge Atılgan Karakulak and Güldeniz Doğan Alkan of Gün + Partners examine the advantages and disadvantages of TÜRKSMD, a new company set up by the Turkish IP Office to value intellectual property rights

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