Welcome to the 2020 edition of IP STARS.

We have started publishing the ranking results from our research for the 2020 edition of IP STARS, a project which started in September 2019. This article summarises what we have published and what to expect from us in the coming weeks and months.


2020 rankings published

  1.        Trade mark practice rankings for firms
  2.        General intellectual property practice rankings for firms
  3.        IP Stars list, i.e. the individual practitioner rankings
  4.        Managing IP’s Top 250 Women in IP (see here)
  5.        Patent practice rankings for firms (see here)
  6.        Copyright practice rankings for firms (see here)
  7.        Managing IP’s Corporate IP Stars (see here)


For more information about the general IP firm rankings and IP Stars list please read our April update here.

To view all the 2020 rankings we have published so far, please use the regional dropdown menu above or use the search bar to see if a firm or individual is currently ranked.

If you require the latest ranking logos or want to publish your IP practice information on your page, please contact our business development team here.


Firm reviews

The main purpose of our independent editorials (under the ‘Review’ tab) is to provide a simple snapshot of a firm’s IP practice, including some of its key practitioners and clients, and the latest developments, in particular hires and departures.

We have started updating the 2019 editorials and expect this exercise to continue throughout the year. Our aim is to have up-to-date information on our website and therefore if you have important updates please send them to research@managingip.com.


Print editions

We have published the rankings in their respective print editions: Trade Mark Handbook (Global edition), US Handbook, and Patent Handbook (Global edition). The firm editorials are no longer published in the handbooks.


What to expect next

Although we have two more rankings to publish to complete the 2020 edition, we will soon launch the research for the 2021 edition (see our updated timetable below). Any research information not used for this year’s edition will be considered during the research for the 2021 edition.

  • August: 2021 edition research forms (see here) and registration (see here
  • September 1: 2021 edition research starts and our submission portal opens
  • September: Rising Stars list 2020
  • September 17: Q&A webinar for the 2021 edition research
  • October 31: Submission deadline for the research forms for the 2021 edition
  • December: 2020 firm rankings for IP transactions work

Please note that this timetable is subject to change.


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