Welcome to the 2023 edition of IP STARS.

We are delighted to release this year’s trade mark rankings for firms. These rankings, which cover more than 50 jurisdictions, recognise the recommended leading firms for trade mark filing/prosecution and disputes work.

This is the first set of ranking results from the research for the 2023 edition of IP STARS, which started in September 2022. We have more 2023 rankings to announce this year; for example, the practitioner rankings will be published in May (see the timeline below). The trade mark rankings are based on information available during the research period (September 2022 to February 2023).

To check if a firm has been ranked this year for trade mark work, enter the name in the search bar or use the regional navigation tab above to select the jurisdiction (click on "Rankings" to see the 2023 trade mark rankings).

IP STARS is not a directory of all firms and individuals offering IP services. Participation in our research does not guarantee a ranking. Read our research methodology below.

If you have any feedback/suggestions or questions, please contact us at research@managingip.com.  

Congratulations to all the firms ranked this year.


What to expect next

We have more rankings to announce in the coming weeks and months, and we will therefore continue with our research. Below is a snapshot of the 2023 edition content publication timeline. Any research information not considered or used for this year’s edition will be used for the 2024 edition. We will start the research for the 2024 edition of the IP STARS rankings and Managing IP Awards in September 2023.


IP STARS 2023 rankings

Managing IP's firm and practitioner rankings are published on this website. Please use the regional drop-down menu to see the jurisdictions we cover and their latest rankings.

March 31: Trade mark practice rankings for firms (including US states such as California)

April: Intellectual property rankings for firms (for jurisdictions without trade mark or patent rankings) and ITC and life sciences IP rankings for the US

May: Practitioner rankings, e.g. Patent Star, Trade Mark Star, etc

May: Managing IP’s Top 250 Women in IP list

June: Patent practice rankings for firms (including US states such as California)

July: IP transactions practice rankings for firms

July: Copyright practice rankings for firms

September: Managing IP's Rising Stars list and Corporate IP Stars list

As usual, the 2022 firm rankings for a practice area and the 2022 individual practitioner rankings will remain on this site until we publish the 2023 rankings. After our official announcement, we will change the year of the rankings to say '2023'.

You can also follow our research updates here.


Firm reviews

Readers should note that any firm editorial (i.e. content under the 'Review' tab) found on this website is from a previous edition of IP STARS. We will publish the 2023 firm reviews and available testimonials for firms with profiles in August. In the meantime, firms can contact us if there is information we need to update or correct sooner rather than later.


Russia and Ukraine

We are deeply saddened to see the destruction of lives and property in Ukraine and the displacement of millions of its people. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine, including its IP community.

Managing IP has decided to suspend its research and publication of research content for Russia and Ukraine until further notice. In the meantime, we have republished the last firm rankings for Ukraine here. We pray for peace and a swift end to the war.



Managing IP published its first legal directory in 1994 and rebranded it in 2013 as IP STARS. The research for the IP STARS guide has expanded over the years, covering over six IP practice areas and more than 70 jurisdictions. The guide has become the leading specialist rankings publication for the IP profession.


Research methodology

The research for these rankings was conducted rigorously and impartially by our team of research analysts in London, New York, and Hong Kong. Each year, we request information from thousands of firms, IP practitioners and their clients through interviews, email, and online surveys.

Before compiling the rankings, our analysts also conducted their own independent research, including an analysis of publicly available information (such as court or IP office data) and existing data we hold on firms. The aspects assessed for the firm rankings include expertise, workload, market reputation and record, outcomes achieved for clients, and unique strengths in a given practice area. These are considered when deciding which firms to include in the rankings, and which tier and practice area they should be in.

Firms are ranked alphabetically in tiers, or as highly recommended or recommended. The total number of firms listed varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For most jurisdictions, the rankings are split into prosecution and disputes work. However, in certain jurisdictions, we evaluated and ranked firms for their trade mark practice as a whole.

The prosecution ranking takes account of pre-and post-registration work, including office proceedings and portfolio management advice. The disputes ranking covers trade mark-related disputes (in and outside the courts) and anti-counterfeiting work. Where appropriate, some firms have been ranked for both practice areas, and in a few European jurisdictions, we have a separate table for law firms that do trade mark filing and prosecution work.

These rankings are based on information available at the time the research was completed (February 2023). Except for firm name changes, any subsequent developments or information that could influence our rankings will be considered during the research for the 2024 edition of IP STARS, which starts in September 2023.

For the avoidance of doubt, the ranking tables do not suggest or indicate that the expertise or services of the listed firms are limited to the practice area in question, and Managing IP does not recommend or endorse any particular firm for IP work. No firm can pay to be included or to influence the results.

The IP STARS rankings are not influenced by any commercial relationship, including advertising, with Managing IP or IP STARS. There is no fee to pay to participate in our research. The rankings are subject to change each year.

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