Welcome to the 2023 edition of IP STARS.

After months of research, Managing IP can now confirm the IP Stars List for 2023.

The IP Stars are senior practitioners who have been recommended or identified as leaders in their firm and/or jurisdiction. The 2023 IP Stars List is primarily based on research information obtained in 2022.

To see this year’s IP Stars, go to a jurisdiction's or firm’s page and click on the ‘Practitioners’ tab.

Please note that a few jurisdictions do not have an IP Stars List, and any individual who is not ranked as an IP Star has been tagged as 'Notable' or 'Unranked'. To learn more about our practitioner rankings, please read the information below or see our methodology page. Some questions about our research can be found here. If you have any feedback or questions, please get in touch via email here.

IP STARS is not a directory of all firms and individuals offering IP services. Participation in our research does not guarantee a ranking.

Congratulations to all the practitioners recognised this year.


New IP Stars added this year

Each year our research analysts look into firms, especially those that participated in our research, to pick out more senior practitioners to rank as IP Stars. We have ranked new practitioners this year. Our commercial team will contact all the ranked individuals and firms to update or create their pages on our website.

If you are attending the INTA Annual Meeting in Singapore, visit booth 25 to ask questions about your page or firm's ranking on IP STARS.

More practitioner rankings to come

We have not yet confirmed and published the Corporate IP Stars (in-house practitioners) and Rising Stars in IP (junior practitioners in private practice) for the 2023 edition. Below is the 2023 edition publication timeline, which is subject to change.

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IP STARS 2023 rankings timeline*

Managing IP's firm and practitioner rankings are published on this website. Please use the regional drop-down menu to see the jurisdictions we cover and their latest rankings.

March 31: Trade mark practice rankings for firms (including US states such as California) — read about the rankings here

April 26: Managing IP’s Top 250 Women in IP List — read about the list here

May 18: Practitioner rankings, e.g. Patent Star, Trade Mark Star, etc 

May 31: Intellectual property rankings for firms (for jurisdictions without trade mark or patent rankings) and ITC and life sciences IP rankings for the US

June 30: Patent practice rankings for firms (including US states such as California)

July: IP transactions practice rankings for firms

July: Copyright practice rankings for firms

September: Managing IP's Rising Stars List and Corporate IP Stars List

*Please note that the publication date may change.

As usual, the 2022 firm rankings for a practice area and the 2022 individual practitioner rankings will remain on this site until we publish the confirmed 2023 rankings.

After our official announcement, we will change the year of rankings to say '2023'. Until we change the year, firms and practitioners, please, should not promote their 2022 rankings as if they are 2023 rankings.


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About IP STARS rankings

Managing IP published its first legal directory in 1994 and rebranded it in 2013 as IP STARS. The IP STARS guide has expanded over the years and now covers over six IP practice areas and more than 70 jurisdictions, making it the most comprehensive, leading specialist rankings publication for the IP profession.

Research methodology

The research for our rankings is conducted rigorously and impartially by our team of research analysts in London, New York, and Hong Kong. Each year, we request information from thousands of firms, IP practitioners and their clients through interviews, emails, and online surveys. Learn more about our methodology here.

Practitioner rankings

The individuals we normally select as IP Stars are senior practitioners who serve as partners or equivalents in their firms. We do not select non-partners or junior practitioners to be ranked as IP Stars, except in very special circumstances. After selecting the IP Stars, we assign at least one practice area rating, e.g. patent star, to reflect what we reasonably believe to be their main area(s) of expertise.

The 2023 IP Stars List is primarily based on the research information obtained in 2022 and other information available at the time the core research was completed (February 2023). Except for firm name changes, any subsequent developments or information that could influence this year’s IP Stars List will be considered during the research for the 2024 edition. Our research analysts regularly monitor firms and their practitioners throughout the year, and, therefore, Managing IP reserves the right to change any ranking and/or remove a firm or individual from our website at any time.

For the avoidance of doubt, the ranking tag does not suggest or indicate that the expertise of the practitioner is limited to the practice area in question. Because many IP Stars will have experience in different areas of IP law and practice, we offer them the opportunity (for a fee) to publish detailed information about their practice. Managing IP does not recommend or endorse any practitioner for IP work. Please read the terms of use concerning our content here.

The IP STARS rankings are not influenced by any commercial relationship, including advertising, with Managing IP or IP STARS. There is no fee to pay to participate in our research.

IP STARS is not a directory of all firms and individuals offering IP services. There are firms and practitioners that we have not recognised, even though we have research data about them. Participation in our research does not guarantee a ranking. The rankings are subject to change each year.

Individuals who are not ranked as IP Stars have been tagged as 'Notable' or 'Unranked'. Please read about our practitioner rankings on the methodology page. Click here to learn more about our research.

If you have questions or feedback about our rankings, please contact our research team.