Wolfgang Lippich

Samson & Partner - Germany

Widenmayerstr. 6


+49 (0)89 291982-0

Patent star 2023



Practice areas:

Patent litigation
Patent office proceedings
Patent prosecution

As a German and European Patent Attorney since 1994, Wolfgang's special interest lies in prosecuting, defending, enforcing, and challenging patents in the fields of computer science, telecommunication, electrical engineering (e.g. energy technology, high-voltage technology, electronics, control), and mechanical engineering (e.g. electric and hybrid drives, wind turbines, automotive). 

He is experienced in opposition proceedings before the German and European Patent Office, opposition appeal proceedings before German Federal Patent Court and Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office, and nullity proceedings before the German Federal Patent Court and the German Federal Supreme Court of Justice, and in litigation related with the nullity proceedings.

Wolfgang is the author of the textbook "German and European Patent Law" and is a visiting lecturer at Hagen Law School.

He studied physics and computer science in Munich and Geneva with honors and attained a doctorate in experimental particle physics at CERN (where the World Wide Web was invented).

Wolfgang carries on professional training in the field of computer science. He has recently acquired advanced-training certificates from the University of Applied Science of Trier in the fields of IT networks, databases, IT security, embedded systems, data structures and algorithms, object-oriented programming, and theoretical computer science.

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