IP STARS Reviews


Case studies show that the firm has acted for Aker BioMarine, Novartis, AquaScan and Merck Sharp & Dohme in their respective patent disputes. The firm was shortlisted to win Managing IP's Firm of the Year (2020) award for contentious IP work in Norway. Deputy head of IP and Rising Star Knut Sverre Skurdal Andresen left the firm in November 2019.

Bryn Aarflot

Top-tier patent prosecution firm Bryn Aarflot has a team of patent attorneys with expertise in fields such as engineering, physics and chemistry. Kristine Rekdal leads its patent department, which features experienced European patent attorneys like Jon D Heggstad, Svein Arne Olsen, Cécile Hermansen, Lars Erik Hatlen and Arne Lund Kvernheim. The patent attorneys, particularly Hatlen and Kvernheim, are also recommended for their patent litigation knowledge. Former NIPO examiner Eirik Christensen is one of the rising stars in the firm. Another notable patent attorney is Marianne W Wulff. The firm strengthened the patent team this year by hiring former EPO examiner and physics specialist David Molenaar. It offers legal services through a team of lawyers led by Anne Wildeng.

Gjessing Reimers

GjessingReimers's IP team is highly recommended for IP disputes. This is a new boutique firm that was formed by former Grette IP lawyers, most notably Ida Gjessing and Felix Reimers. The key partners that lead patent litigation instructions are Gjessing and Amund Brede Svendsen. These two partners are supported by partner Sigrid Toft Fløystad and rising star Yngve Øyehaug Opsvik. Recent patent litigation case studies show the team acted for companies such as Pharmaq, Mundipharma, Calanus and Boehringer Ingelheim. Gjessing is one of the IP stars featured in Managing IP's Top 250 Women in IP (2019) publication.


Onsagers is Managing IP's Firm of the Year (2019) for patent prosecution work in Norway. This IP boutique is highly rated and best known for IP protection and portfolio management work. The firm has a large team of patent attorneys covering sectors such as chemistry, life sciences, engineering and agriculture. Some of the attorneys are former Norwegian IP Office staff and are also active in patent litigation support work. Mechanical engineering specialist Lars-Fredrik Urang is in charge of the patent department. The experienced patent attorneys in the department include Anette Robsahm Rhohmen, Dorte Lajer, Stanko Bradvarevic, Kim Livgard and Kari Simonsen. 2018 rising star Kristin Holmgren is now a partner. The firm has a legal services department with a sizeable team of lawyers for IP disputes and transactions. Head of legal Ann-Cathrin Hoel and Eirik Rødsand are among the experienced lawyers in the department. Hoel is listed in Managing IP's Top 250 Women in IP (2019) publication.

Wikborg Rein

Wikborg Rein is still active in the Norwegian IP litigation scene. The key contact in its IP practice is Gunnar Meyer. In patent disputes, Meyer is supported by junior lawyers such as Lars Erik Steinkjer and Nora Sandvik Bratheim. Steinkjer and Bratheim are rising stars to watch. Other notable senior lawyers that support the IP team are IP/technology transaction lawyers Pål Wien Espen and Rolf Riisnæs. Torleif Dahl, who also specialises in IP/technology transactions, has left the firm. Recent patent studies show the team acting in patent litigation for companies such as Dwellop Teva, Siemens and Actavis.


Zacco retained its crown as Managing IP's Firm of the Year for prosecution work in the Scandinavian region. It is one of the two largest IP firms in the region that can boast of covering all key technical fields for patent work. The firm continues to grow across its offices and business areas, including its IT and information security service which was bolstered by a new digital investigation unit. Trade mark lawyer Kristin Kjærheim Astrup is now the new regional director of Zacco Norway and the UK. Claus Chr Schmidt, Hans Langan, Rita Lillegraven, Anne Sønstevold, Rikard Mikalsen and Jon Arne Holm are among the experienced European patent attorneys in the firm. Synnøve Therese Flister and Burhaan Hassan are the rising stars to watch. Other notable lawyers for IP disputes and transactions are Frode André Moen and Thomas Rukin. Lawyers Steinar Lie and Thor B Mosaker are no longer with the firm. Patent attorneys Elen Margrethe Brendeford, Ewy Kristiansen, Tom Ekeberg and Andreas Werner have also left the firm. Brendeford was noted as a rising star in the 2018 edition. Kristiansen retired.

Trade mark

Trade mark case studies show the team represented clients from a range of sectors.

Bing Hodneland
Bing Hodneland is recommended for copyright and related rights advice. The firm is known for representing clients in the TMT and entertainment sectors. The notable soft IP lawyers in the firm's IP department are John Gulbrandsen, Magnus Ødegaard, Stine Helén Pettersen and Mathias Lilleengen. The partners have a large team of associates for IP work.
Bryn Aarflot
Boutique firm Bryn Aarflot has an experienced team of IP lawyers, such as Celine Jørgensen, Trine Greaker Herzog and Astrid Solberg, for trade mark protection and disputes work. The legal department is headed by Anne Wildeng. Mikkel Lassen Ellingsen and Håkon Tysnes Kaasin are notable junior lawyers in the firm. The lawyers are supported by a team of IP administrators.
Håkon Tysnes Kaasin was promoted to partner in July 2019.
Bull & Co
Market commentators respect Bull & Co's copyright and related rights practice. The firm is also recommended for trade mark and commercial IP advice. The leading copyright specialist in the firm is Tom Eilertsen, while Bente Holmvang is an all-round soft IP lawyer. The senior lawyers for IP and technology-related transactions including Kristin Haram Førde, Rune Nordengen and Christopher Husebye. The partners are supported by a team of associates, notably Anders Askham Christe.
Gjessing Reimers

GjessingReimers is a new boutique firm set up by former Grette IP lawyers. The team is highly recommended for IP disputes. The firm is led by experienced IP lawyers, most notably name partners Felix Reimers and Ida Gjessing. Other notable IP partners are Sigrid Toft Fløystad, Amund Brede Svendsen and copyright specialist Øystein Flagstad. Reimers and Gjessing are the prominent trade mark litigators in the firm. Yngve Øyehaug Opsvik is one of the experienced associates that supports the partners in dealing with IP instructions.


Onsagers is one of the established IP agencies in this jurisdiction for trade mark protection and portfolio management work. The firm is also recommended for trade mark disputes. Ann-Cathrin Hoel leads its legal and trade mark department. The experienced IP lawyers in the department include Eirik Rødsand, Kristoffer Weltzien, Thomas Gaarder-Olsen and Christiin Sangvik-Jebsen. The team won Managing IP's Firm of the Year (2019) award for trade mark and patent protection work.

Corporate law firm Schjødt has an IP team that is well-regarded by market commentators for IP disputes and transactions. IP star Halvor Manshaus is in charge of the firm's IP department. For contentious IP work, Manshaus can also call on dispute resolution partners Sigurd Holter Torp and David Særsten Brambani. The partners are supported by a team of junior lawyers, most notably Thomas Hagen. For IP-related transactions, clients have the expertise of corporate lawyers such as Kaare M Risung, Jeppe Songe-Møller, Tord Fondevik and associate Anne-Marit Wang Sandvik. Where competition law issues are involved, the team can rely on the counsel of lawyers like Olav Kolstad. In 2018, the firm announced its merger with oil and gas sector law firm Michelet & Co.
Simonsen Vogt Wiig
Simonsen Vogt Wiig is best known for advising creative sector companies on copyright and related rights. Its IP team can also advise on trade mark matters. Rune Ljostad is the prominent IP practitioner in the firm because of his copyright practice. Another notable soft IP partner in the firm is Cecilia Orheim. IP and technology-related transactions can be dealt with by partners such as Espen Tøndel. Nicholas Foss Barbantonis, Per Kristian Bryng and Hedda Baumann Heier are among the experienced junior lawyers in the IP department.
Thommessen is one of the experienced business law firms to instruct to advise on IP disputes in Norway. Camilla Vislie is the head of IP. She is supported by litigation partner Eirik Raanes and a team of associates, most notably Magnus Hauge Greaker and Hans Skarsten Røttingen.
Wiersholm is recognised for its expertise in copyright and related rights work. The firm's IP department is led by Hans Erik Johnsen and Rune Opdahl. Both partners are experienced in advising companies in the entertainment and TMT sectors. The partner are supported by a large team of associates including Dina Brask and Marie Wangsmo Haugland.
Wikborg Rein

Business law firm Wikborg Rein is recommended for IP disputes and transactional matters. The firm's IP practice is led by technology lawyer Rolf Riisnæs, who also advises on copyright matters, and Gunnar Meyer. The partners are supported by special counsel Lars Erik Steinkjer and a team of associates, notably Inger Marie Bø and Åse Røynestad Konsmo. For IP transactions, the team can rely on the expertise of lawyers such as Pål Wien Espen. Torleif Dahl has left the firm.


Zacco won Managing IP's Firm of the Year (2019) award for its work in the Scandinavian region. This IP firm continues to grow and remains a dominant force in the region for trade mark protection and portfolio management work. Its Norwegian IP team also handles soft IP disputes. The experienced trade mark lawyers in the team include Tone Tangevald-Jensen, Per Vegard Bergheim and Frode André Moen. Another notable lawyer in the firm is regional practice leader Kristin Kjærheim Astrup. IP lawyers Kristine Snyder and Steinar Lie have left the firm.