IP STARS Reviews

Arnold & Siedsma

Arnold & Siedsma is a well-regarded patent and trade mark attorney firm in the Benelux. The firm has a strong team of European patent attorneys, with expertise in fields such as chemistry, biotechnology, electronics, and engineering. The chemistry patent practice grew in July 2020 following the acquisition of Belgian patent firm LC Patents.

The senior leaders in the firm are European patent attorneys Paul Hylarides and Gerwald Verdijck, who are based in the Netherlands. Another notable leader is chemistry specialist Steve Duxbury, who runs the firm’s Munich office.

Electronics patent specialist Nele D'Halleweyn is the prominent practitioner in its Belgian practice. She is now supported by biochemistry patent specialist Bart Laenen. The team is also supported by Dutch and Belgian qualified patent attorneys such as Erik Bartelds, Rogier Brouwer, Petri van Someren, Erik Bartelds, Arjen Hooiveld, Martin Luten and Bart Jacobs. Patent attorneys Raimond Haan, Yannick Philippaerts and Remy Van den Bosch are practitioners to watch.

The firm’s core trade marks team is based in the Netherlands, where clients will find trade mark partners Karin Becks and Joop Elzas. Sandra Bauwens is a notable trade mark attorney in Belgium.


Benelux IP firm NLO is highly recommended by market commentators for patent protection work.

The firm has a strong team of patent attorneys to handle inventions in technical fields such as chemistry, computer technology, telecommunications and biotechnology. The majority of the firm’s practitioners are based in the Netherlands. The firm offers trade mark protection and portfolio management services through NLO Shieldmark.

Chemistry patent specialist René van Duijvenbode and European trade mark attorney Jeroen Cornelis are the leaders in the firm. The other key trade mark attorneys in the firm are Marlous Stal-Hilders, Milca Graver-De Looper, Masja van der Galiën and Florence Tordoir.

Catherine A Shultz, Hans Hutter, Paul Clarkson, Bart Swinkels, Harm van der Heijden, Mari Korsten, Caroline Pallard and Jaap Mannaerts are among the experienced senior European patent attorneys in the firm. Peter Simonis, Willemijn Gommans, Marta Alvarez Guede, Estela Goncalves and Glenn Vinck are patent practitioners to watch, while Yvonne Noorlander is one to watch in the trade mark department.


VO is one of the best patent and trade mark attorney firms in the Benelux. The firm specialises in IP protection and portfolio management work, with a strong team of patent attorneys to deal with a range of technical fields, most notably chemistry, biotechnology, and engineering. Most of its IP practitioners are based in the Netherlands.

The firm has a large team of experienced European patent attorneys. Herman Witmans, Leo Jessen, Bernard Ledeboer, Michiel van Rooij and Annemie Jaeken are key figures in the engineering team. Jaeken is based in Belgium. Otto Oudshoorn, Hajo Kraak, Marco Molling, and Huub Maas are experts in chemistry. Mark Einerhand, Frits Schut and Bettina Hermann are experienced attorneys for life sciences patent work, while Jasper Groot Koerkamp, Marco Box and Johannes van Melle are key contacts in the electronics practice. Hermann is based in Germany.

Trade mark instructions are dealt with by trade mark associates such as Noëlle Wolfs and Raquel Alvarez, both of whom are based in the Netherlands. For commercial IP matters, the team can always count on the legal and transactional experience of Nick Oostenbroek. Patent attorneys Henri van Kalkeren, Martin Klok, Jetze Beeksma, Peter de Lange, and Rutger Timmer are practitioners to watch.