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Yoon & Lee is an intellectual property (IP) law firm in Korea that provides a comprehensive range of services for IP rights as well as consultation services for the management and enforcement of IP rights. We are able to offer IP services optimized for the benefit of our clients through close cooperation and teamwork that maximizes the high levels of expertise and experience of our staff. We have one office based in Seoul. 

Our corporate philosophy is to create strong trust-based relationships, which is reflected in the over 25-year relationships we have developed with major Korean companies. Our main values are sincerity, reliability, and harmony, which are reflected in our work practices. First, all staff members strive to increase their professionalism and work skills so that they are able to meet the ever changing technological advances as well as developments in the laws, policies, and legal cases in various jurisdictions. Second, we provide quick, accurate, and specialized services to satisfy our clients’ requests and protect their IP rights while solidifying trust and establishing long-term client relationships. Third, all our staff cooperate and work together actively to provide comprehensive services that benefit from their combined experience and skills. 

Patents and Utility Models

Our main specialization is in patent and utility model prosecution, especially in the electronics and software, chemistry and bio-tech, and mechanical and mechatronics sectors. Our patent work is divided into four teams – telecommunication, standard patent, incoming/mechanics, and chemistry and bio-tech. One of our major strengths in the patent sector is our technical knowledge and expertise, and we have a high percentage of patent attorneys and technical specialists in comparison with general law firms and other IP law firms in Korea. In particular, we offer an efficient and effective combination of patent attorneys, including a partner patent attorney with an LLM degree from the USA and extensive practice career including substantial court cases before district courts and high courts as well as the patent court, and technical advisors with advanced degrees (Ph.D. and other post-graduate qualifications) in their specialist subjects, including electrical engineering, electronics, communications, computer science, mechanical engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and life sciences. Based on our strong technical knowledge, our specialists are often called to testify as expert witnesses in court cases.

Trademarks and Designs

For trademarks and designs, we have a tight-knit group that is able to provide excellent and individualized services to all clients. In particular we have very strong expertise on Korean trademark practices as the head of the team is a former trademark examiner at the Korea Intellectual Patent Office (KIPO). In addition, the team includes a US attorney, who is able to provide a global perspective and to meet the requirements and expectations of our international clients, and a Korean lawyer who has just joined the team to handle litigation matters. In comparison with some larger practices, one particular advantage is that all clients are dealt with by the most experienced professionals. The team provides a wide range of trademark and design services and acts for businesses in all market sectors. With our in-depth knowledge and experience of Korean trademark practices, we are able to examine applications in detail and provide advice on any potential issues for rejection to avoid costly office actions. 

IP Clients 

We have a wide range of clients both in terms of geographical distribution and industrial sector; these clients range from major international companies with established global operations to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Unlike in some larger practices, at our firm the most experienced professionals, rather than junior staff, handle all cases – all the partner patent attorneys continue to be involved in case work. The firm is able to work in Korean, English, and Japanese and provides translation services for these languages, as well as for all languages into/from Korean for both domestic and international clients. We place great emphasis on client satisfaction by providing quick, accurate, and specialised services to meet the individual requirements of clients and to build trust over the long term; this is reflected in the over 25-year long relationships that the firm enjoys with major Korean and foreign companies.


Our services include the following: 

  • Patent and utility model application and registration services (Patent Treaty Applications), prior art searches, registrability searches 
  • Trademark and design application and registration services (Madrid Protocol for trademarks/Hague Agreement for design applications), strategy planning, registrability searches, developing brand selection
  • Copyright registrations and unfair competition and anti-counterfeit measures
  • Cancellation and invalidation 
  • Infringement litigation
  • Search and watching services
  • Licensing and franchising agreements, assignments for IP rights, technology valuation, technology transfer, contract assistance, cease and desist letters, settlement negotiations
  • Invention mining, providing diverse strategies for planning applications for IP rights, know-how management, maintaining registrations and renewals, and translation services.


Last updated 8th April 2020