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Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners is an IP law firm providing a full range of services in all fields related to intellectual property. The firm consists of around 340 employees, including more than 170 IP attorneys and attorneys-at-law, working together to provide the firm’s full range of services to the full satisfaction of both domestic and overseas clients.

Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners has been often referred to as the largest IP law firm in Korea, but this is only one of the many ways to describe our firm. We have always strived to provide quality services to our clients. Since our inception in 1985, we have evolved and grown in size, but our motto of “Best Service to the Full Satisfaction of the Clients” has remained the same.

Comments from our foreign clients such as “The applications prepared by your firm are better than any other ones from Korea” and “We have no reservation in recommending your services to our clients” are among the most honorable accolades we have received.



Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners is dedicated to fully understanding the needs and concerns of our foreign clients, many being Fortune 500 companies. Providing a high quality prosecution service in order to obtain strong and effective IP protection for our foreign clients requires much more than simply overcoming language barriers. Our IP attorneys possess a wide range of legal expertise in various IP legal systems as well as in-depth knowledge of various technical fields, and they offer a dedicated service to meet the demanding challenges faced by each of our foreign clients.



Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners annually handles around 7,100 overseas patent and trademark applications around the world through hundreds of our foreign associates. Our abundant experience of foreign prosecution and in-depth understanding of various foreign IP systems enable us to provide effective and reliable services to our numerous domestic and foreign clients.



The spectrum of our service covers all aspects of intellectual property and technology. Our professionals’ knowledge and experience cover a wide range of technologies, such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, materials, chemistry, electrical engineering, mobile communications, nanotechnology, computer hardware and software, semiconductors, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, healthcare related technology, and so on. Highly experienced trademark attorneys also provide quality services for trademark cases.

In addition to our strong prosecution practice, for which we have been ranked as a top tier firm in Korea by several IP survey institutions, we are also active in technology and IP rights analysis, performing due diligence, IP consulting, licensing, IP portfolio management and more.



Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners provides well reputed service in IP dispute matters. In collaboration with Yulchon, a top tier litigation firm that we formed a strategic alliance with in 2008, our litigation team has handled a number of high profile IP dispute cases, including Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics, in Korea.



Members of Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners share a unified vision and the same values. One of our principal objectives is to serve our clients by establishing stable, reliable, and long-term relationships. Another is to understand and anticipate our clients’ needs and interests and to continuously enhance our services to fully satisfy every need of our clients.