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Tilleke & Gibbins is a preeminent Southeast Asian full-service law firm with over 160 lawyers and consultants practicing in Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, and Yangon. Established in 1890, we have grown into the largest independent law firm in Thailand and a leading international firm in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

Our IP team across Southeast Asia consists of 84 lawyers (including 6 litigators); 52 patent agents (including those with backgrounds in chemistry, biology, computer science, engineering, food science, materials science, physics, and other fields), trademark executives, and regulatory affairs specialists; 6 in-house investigators; and an IP support staff of 88 people. The technical expertise of 27 specialists in various scientific fields is also available to us when needed.

Our firm currently represents more than half of the Fortune Global 500 across a range of industries, including automotive, consumer goods, energy, fashion, food and beverages, hospitality, life sciences, media, and technology. We help creators strategically position, protect, and profit from their intellectual assets. Our success on our clients’ behalf has led to our firm being recognized by Managing Intellectual Property as Firm of the Year for Asia in 2015, as well as for Thailand (six times) and for Vietnam (five times). Additionally, The Asian Lawyer chose us as the IP Firm of the Year at its Emerging Markets Awards 2016. We are widely recognized for our achievements and accomplishments in IP registration and strategic filing advice, IP enforcement (including investigations) and litigation, commercial IP work, and regulatory affairs.

IP Registration
Tilleke & Gibbins collaborates with clients to achieve durable legal recognition and protection of their intellectual assets in diverse markets worldwide. We ensure that our clients receive the protection they need, both locally and internationally, not only by enforcing their rights against potential and existing infringers to the fullest extent possible, but also by overcoming attacks on the validity of their registered rights.

Tilleke & Gibbins regularly handles trademark searches, registration and prosecution of marks, recordal of changes/assignments, oppositions, cancellations, renewals, registration of trademark and service mark license agreements, watch services, coexistences, and customs recordal.

Our firm provides the full range of services in relation to patents, petty patents, and designs, which includes patent and design searches, registration and prosecution of patents and designs, recordal of changes/assignments, annuity payments, oppositions, cancellations, watch services, infringement assessments, freedom-to-operate analyses, landscapes, validity and invalidity assessments, and registration of patent license agreements.

We provide copyright safeguards for corporate technology, computer software, Internet content, and the arts, which includes music, film, and other digital media, by recording copyright ownership and preparing creation histories.

IP Enforcement and Litigation
Our IP practice provides effective enforcement strategies, including in-house investigations, staff training, market surveys, comprehensive turnkey anticounterfeiting and antipiracy campaigns, preventive strategies, civil and criminal action, police/excise/customs raids and seizure actions, negotiation and dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, public relations/press management, government lobbying, and law enforcement liaison and product identification training.

Our IP litigation team handles a full range of criminal and civil IP disputes, many times cross border, including disputes related to patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, trade names, infringement, invalidity, cancellation, appeals of decisions, and other commercial disputes involving IP assets such as franchising and distributorship. Tilleke & Gibbins has successfully secured rare Anton Piller orders and emergency injunctions, won a historic judgment in a trade secrets case in which our client received the largest amount of damages ever awarded by Thailand’s Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, and obtained the highest award of attorney’s fees in the history of court litigation in Vietnam—a case that was recognized as Managing IP’s Case of the Year for Southeast Asia in 2014.

IP Commercialization
We develop comprehensive commercial strategies for managing intellectual property portfolios and deriving profit from intellectual assets.

Our practitioners have extensive experience on the transactional side including IP licensing and contracts, agreements relating to franchising, distributorship, technology transfer, confidentiality, joint venture, and R&D collaboration. In addition, our expertise extends to IP due diligence issues often encountered during the course of M&A transactions and include services in areas such as ownership, infringement and encumbrance confirmations, audits to identify portfolio gaps and areas requiring protection including trade secrets, IP agreement reviews, advice to avoid disputes when terminating dealers or distributors, consents and assignments for IP created by employees or contractors (work for hire), valuation of IP assets, IP risk assessments and management, freedom-to-practice investigations and transitional arrangements.

Regulatory Affairs
Tilleke & Gibbins paves the way for life sciences clients to enter and excel in markets throughout Southeast Asia. From research and development and clinical trials to registration and market entry to commercialization and technology transfer, we assist leading and soon-to-be-leading companies through every stage of a product’s life cycle. And when shifting government policies threaten progress, we step in, build coalitions, and facilitate positive change.

Our client teams are led by experienced attorneys and specialized practitioners and include, as appropriate to the client and its industry, pharmacists, doctors, agricultural consultants, and other regulatory specialists. Our practice handles clinical trials and consumer testing, local Food and Drug Administration registration and variations, import, export, and manufacturing licenses, local Ministry of Agriculture crop care registration, animal, aquatic, and hazardous substance registration, import, export, and manufacturing licenses, holding licenses, regulatory compliance and maintenance, labeling and advertising clearance, and intellectual property. Our team also regularly audits existing product portfolios in support of larger Ministry of Agriculture transactions and compliance investigations.