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Although smaller than its top-tier rivals, Ström & Gulliksson is rated as one of the best in the country thanks to its consistent growth, quality of work and excellent client care over the years. The firm has a group of versatile patent attorneys, the majority of whom are European patent attorneys, to deal with patent work in the fields of electronics, computer technology, mechanics and chemistry. Rikard Roos, who has a chemical engineering background, is the managing partner. Other notable European patent attorneys are Björn Andersson, Leif Jörgensson, Magnus Berglund and Christian Arkelius. Fredrik Carlsson is a rising star to watch. The team is also recommended for patent litigation support and collaborates with lawyers at sister firm Gulliksson in patent litigation. Last year the firm saw the departure of John Hård and the arrival of former Kilburn & Strode associate Edmund Lobb.