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Hiroe and Associates has been providing intellectual property legal services since Takenori Hiroe founded the firm in 1979. Takenori Hiroe graduated from Gifu University with a degree in textile engineering in 1971. Immediately after graduation, he began working in research and development at Japan Vilene Company Ltd in Tokyo. He obtained his patent attorney’s license in 1978, and in 1979 he returned to Gifu to open his practice.

Since then, it has grown into an organization with clients and associates all over the world. With the success of its international section attributable to the individual skills of each section member, the firm’s service continues to perform and improve. In 2011, Chairman Takenori Hiroe received a Medal of Merit award from the Emperor of Japan, personally recommended by the JPO Commissioner, for his long-time services as a patent attorney.

Led by Takenori Hiroe, the team of experienced patent attorneys, technical specialists, administrative staff, and in-house translators is globally trusted and accomplished for demonstrating a skilled legal proficiency regarding all areas of intellectual property. The firm has been voted as one of the top patent prosecution firms in Japan by various legal publications, magazines, and is continually practicing the firm’s management philosophy "to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the clients."

Hiroe and Associates (H&A) provides a full range of intellectual property services in patent, utility model, industrial design, trademark, copyright, translation, search, filing, prosecution and litigation including unfair competition in Japan. The firm also counsels on enforcement, licensing, and commercialization.

Patent Section:

         H&A provides services in the entire technological spectrum, including:

  • Electric and Electronic group: computers, semi-conductors, telecommunications, optical devices, magnetic recording media, information processing and systems, etc. This group also counsels on copyright infringement, such as internet piracy.
  • Mechanical group: machinery, mechatronics, automotive equipment, air conditioning equipment, and other mechanical engineering, etc.
  • Chemical and Material group: plastics, plastic molding technologies, metallurgy, fiber, fuel batteries, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology group: Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, foods, biotechnology products, applied microbiology, etc.

Trademark Section:

H&A has an extensive track record of trademark applications, international trademark applications, trademark infringement issues, licensing, and has been highly trusted by both domestic and foreign clients. The Trademark Section also counsels on unfair competition and copyright infringement.

Design Section:

H&A additionally has considerable experience regarding design applications and protecting design rights. Upon development of a new product to be sold both in Japan and overseas, H&A assists to obtain design registrations and manages those registrations.

Copyrights and Unfair Competition:

H&A also has a high level of expertise in handling unfair competition issues, with both the individual and combined abilities of Mr. Takenori HIROE, who is on the Copyright Committee and the Unfair Competition Prevention Law Committee of the JPAA (present) and Member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Conference on Brinks Countermeasures Against Materials That Infringe the Unfair Competition Prevention Law (2006-2007), and Mr. Masanori HIROE, the trademark specialist, who handles unfair competition issues.

Search Section:

H&A has great ability of searches in the fields of Patent, Trademark, Design, registration and litigation, etc. The firm´s certified in-house professional searchers handle all searches to ensure accuracy of search procedure and results, and protect client confidentiality, and has been highly trusted by both domestic and foreign clients. We employ state-of-the-art computers that link our office to the patent and trademark data distribution system, which provides quick and reliable access to documents published by the government. Our firm has access to the PATOLIS, DIALOG, G-Search, JOIS and BRANDY search databases.

Translation Section:

H&A provides high quality translations by in-house translators, who have superior ability and experience of translation in a wide range of technical and scientific fields - including patent specifications, amendments, contract documents, notices from the Patent Office and communication with clients - from Japanese into English or from English into Japanese, quickly and exactly. In addition, patent attorneys check all of these translations to ensure the best translation quality.

Takenori HIROE is a current member on the Japanese Patent Attorneys Association’s International Activity Committee, Trademark Committee, Copyright Committee, and Unfair Competition Prevention Law Committee. In 2011, he received a Medal of Merit award from the Emperor of Japan, personally recommended by the JPO Commissioner, for his long-time services as a patent attorney. He regularly gives lectures on IP at Gifu University.

Masanori HIROE received a Master’s degree in Civil Law from the Graduate School of Ritsumeikan University in 2001. He has also attended doctoral studies at Ritsumeikan University concentrating on Civil Law. He joined Hiroe & Associates in April 2001 and qualified as a patent attorney in 2011. He is a member of the Trademark Committee of the JPAA and the Japan Trademark Association, and specializes in trademark, designs, and unfair competition. He also gives lectures on trademark law at Gifu University.

Satoshi HASHIMOTO holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Applied Physics and Physical-Informatics from Keio University, Faculty of Science and Industry. He has experience in the R&D of magnetic recording media, particularly hard disks. He joined Hiroe & Associates in September 2008 and qualified as a patent attorney in 2010.

Motoaki HATTORI graduated with a degree in synthetic chemistry from Nagoya University in 1985. He joined Hiroe and Associates in July 2007 with over 19 years of experience in the R&D of synthetic plastics for a chemical manufacturer. He has worked with technologies including advanced materials, automobile accessories, air conditioning equipment, other mechanical inventions, mechatronics, semi-conductors, fuel batteries and plastic molding technologies. He also gives IP lectures at Gifu University.

Naoya TANIGUCHI joined Hiroe and Associates in 2011 with two years of experience as a pharmacist and 13 years of experience as a patent attorney. He specializes in pharmaceutics, organic chemistry, and biotechnology. He holds a doctorate degree in pharmacy from the University of Toyama Graduate School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. He acquired his pharmacist license in1993 and qualified as a patent attorney in 1997.

Tetsunori YOSHIDA holds a Bachelor and a Master Degree in Human and Information Systems from Gifu University, Faculty of Engineering. He specializes in machinery, information processing and systems. He joined Hiroe and Associates in April 2009 and qualified as a patent attorney in 2012.

Toshitaka SUMIDA had work experience in the basic research of enzymes with a chemicals manufacturer before joining Hiroe and Associates in August, 2000. He specializes in applied microbiology and enzyme engineering. He received a Bachelor and a Master’s Degree in Biochemistry from Okayama University of Science, Faculty of Science. He qualified as a patent attorney in 2012.

Kimihiro NAKAYAMA has engaged in planning and testing of machinery and plants for three years, and has three years of experience at the intellectual property department of a plants manufacturer. His specialty is metallic materials, ceramic materials and machinery. He graduated with a degree in Molecular Chemistry and Biochemistry from Doshisha University and received a Master Degree in Innovative and Engineered Materials, Faculty of Science and Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology. He joined Hiroe and Associates in January 2013 having qualified as a patent attorney in 2012.

Jinmei HU joined Hiroe & Associates in 2002. Originally from Beijing, China, she has been living in Japan since 1992 and became a Japanese permanent resident in 2002. She has four years of experience as an English Instructor at the Beijing Chemical Fiber Engineering University and was also as a Chinese Trademark Agent at the NTD Patent & Trademark Agency Ltd. for four years. She is fluent in three languages, English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. She is mainly responsible for assisting Chinese clients with Japanese Intellectual Property Matters. She is a qualified Chinese Trademark Agent, and has attended several International Trademark Association Meetings.