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Managing Partner: Denise De Mory

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Established: 2012
Number of Partners: 10
Number of IP Practitioners: 17
Languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Taiwanese
Network Memberships: CSR Initiative - Diversity

Inventors, research institutes, and technology companies around the world count on Bunsow De Mory LLP to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights by prosecuting and defending patent infringement litigation in federal courts and the International Trade Commission, petitioning for and defending against post grant review of patents before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), and formulating and executing on patent license programs. In every forum, Bunsow De Mory takes on law firms 50 times its size and succeeds with a combination of legal, technical, and strategic expertise. 

Most firm lawyers (partners and associates) have science-based degrees covering electrical, chemical, and biomedical engineering, computer science, and biology. Every firm partner has tried at least one patent infringement case; the two named partners have collectively tried more than 50 patent cases in federal district courts around the country. Very few large law firms can make the same claim about their top intellectual property lawyers. Firm partners also regularly appear before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Over the last 12 months, the firm has focused its patent litigation practice on representing patent owners against some of the largest technology companies in the world, including Google, Oracle, Cisco, Samsung, and Seagate Technologies. Consistent with the trend in modern patent litigation, most of these cases are litigated simultaneously on multiple fronts: prosecuting patent infringement cases in federal court and defending post-grant review petitions before the PTAB. And while the big companies typically hire a slew of law firms to handle these related matters, Bunsow De Mory’s clients trust the firm to develop and execute an integrated strategy across all fora. 

Bunsow De Mory does not just play defense at the PTAB. Long-standing client Agilent Technologies relies on the firm to challenge the validity of biotech patents that could interfere with the development and deployment of Agilent’s life-saving products and services. 

Not every patent dispute should be litigated; often the costs far outweigh the benefits. It takes a firm like Bunsow De Mory, with its vast patent litigation experience, to know when licensing a patent is the most efficient and effective outcome. Clients task the firm with evaluating and licensing part of the company’s patent portfolio. 

Bunsow De Mory is a majority women-owned law firm with diverse team of lawyers and legal professionals. We use a collaborative approach that accentuates our experience, skill, and strategic judgment. At less than 20 lawyers, we regularly take on big companies represented by big law firms to achieve outstanding results for our clients.


Last updated 4th October 2020

Practice Areas: Copyright & related rights, Intellectual property (contentious), IP transactions, PTAB litigation, Trade mark contentious, ITC litigation, Patent contentious

Sector Expertise: Agriculture, Biotechnology, Computer technology & services, E-commerce, Electrical, Electronics, Internet, Optics & photonics, Semiconductors, Technology hardware, Telecommunication, Universities & research