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AFD China Intellectual Property is a privately-owned IP firm based in Beijing, China with a client-supporting team in Washington State, U.S.A.

AFD provides a broad spectrum of intellectual property services in IP prosecution, strategy planning, transactions, asset management, IP litigation and other IP-related concerns for strengthening and protecting our clients' intellectual property rights in China. We listen, we care, we analyze their concerns, and we work with clients to achieve their goals. We are committed to helping our clients establish, maintain and protect their intellectual property rights by providing expertise to reach practical and cost-effective solutions. To accomplish our mission - provided quality services with efficiency - our attorneys combine their legal and technical expertise to better understand your business objectives, to offer personalized, professional and responsive services to provide solutions and create opportunities for you.

AFD always adheres to the fundamental objective of good practice and delivering premium services to clients. We strive to support our clients' needs the best way that we want to ensure the satisfaction of our services. Following such a service tenet, we treat our clients with respect and integrity, hearing what they require, caring what they want, and providing what they desire, in order to maximize the achievement of our clients.

Meanwhile, AFD persists in adopting forward thinking throughout our work, so as to seize at our most ability any possible opportunities and avoid any possible risks for our clients in a responsible manner. Since the establishment of our firm, we have believed in that sincerity and professionalism are the keys to success, which we still believe in and will go on practice such beliefs in our daily work.

AFD offers to clients of all sizes and types, whether in China or abroad, a comprehensive range of intellectual property services in China, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, trade secrets, domain names, licensing, and other legal areas dealing with technology and intellectual property. We also provide a broad spectrum of consulting services in IP strategy, transactions, asset management, IP litigation and other IP-related concerns for strengthening and protecting our clients' intellectual property rights in China.

In addition to dealing with IP matters within China, we also work with a well-established network of leading intellectual property firms in other countries or regions to assist Chinese inventors and entities to file and prosecute patent and trademark applications and protect their IP rights abroad.

Featured Operations

  • Advanced Recommendation - We provide forward-thinking advice with a comprehensive overview at each step of the whole process, using every opportunity to benefit the client's case. We will inform our clients what the next procedures are and what our recommendation towards the prosecution is, pointing out the directions with available choices.
  • Quality Inspection - Ever since the establishment of our firm, we have committed to our clients that we will deep-root in quality and professionalism. Accordingly, quality inspection is applied to all of our works regardless of size, frequency and value. It includes a cycle control procedures of problem finding, training, monitoring, auditing, re-training, re-inspecting and auditing in order to prevent repeated occurrence of any problem and to make our professional training more sustainable and focus on hit and current subjects.
  • Approach in Complex/Difficult Situation - We have a reputation in tackling difficult cases and defending our clients in complex situations. It is borne in our practitioners' mind to always stick with legislation foundation of general and specific laws and rules even in worst-case scenarios. Guiding by this principle and striving to pursue good results, we have reversed unfavourable situations and saved a few cases.

We have sufficient critical mass (about 130 patent attorneys and engineers, 8 trademark attorneys and 11 attorneys-at-law) to maximize efficiency of representation and ensure a good work outcome.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the laws of China related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, software, and more as well as well-trained in various disciplines. This combination of legal and technical expertise means our professionals are well equipped to understand our clients' needs.

Many have studied abroad and have science and technology backgrounds and/or advanced degrees in such diverse fields as electrical engineering, electronic technology, telecommunications, semiconductor fabrications, computer technology, digital and analog circuits, optical and fiberoptic systems, chemical and petrochemical products and processes, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, Chinese medicines, organic synthesis, metallurgy, materials science, agricultural chemicals, mechanical engineering, instrumentation, machines and engines and other scientific disciplines. In addition, some have had years of experience working at the State IP Office as patent examiners.

Last Updated 13 July 2021