The 2018 AIPF Annual Meeting in September

For many, it seems we live in an era where it feels everything feels different to what was the norm just a few years ago.  The same applies in the realm of IP, whether one is seeking to develop and exploit IP or one is providing services in this sector.  The 2018 AIPF Annual Meeting builds on the Association's long-standing practice of providing attendees with information and insights that will help attendees navigate an IP world where "everything feels different".

Speakers include:

  • Linda Kuczma, US Patent & Trademark Office
  • Stefano Di Natale, European Union IP Office
  • Kimberly Chotkowski, LES
  • Chris Clancy, Panduit
  • James Kellerman, Astellas Pharma US Inc.
  • David Moorhead, Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • Diego Cervieri, Cervieri Monsuarez & Asociados
  • Peter Brewer, Thrive IP
  • Mary-Anne Smith, Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Jovan Jovanovic, The Watson IP
  • Ben Klosowski, Thrive IP
  • David Kramer, Gemini Risk Partners
  • Erik Pelton, Erik M. Pelton & Associates
  • Lisa Phillips, Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck
  • Megan Redmond, Erise IP


Topics include:

  • What’s New @ TTABVUE?
  • Lessons Learned From Malpractice Claims Against IP Firms
  • Management of Trademark Practice in Times of Technological Change
  • Navigating Discovery in Patent Litigation
  • Incorporating Pro Bono Work Into Your IP Practice
  • Take the Long View on Patents – A Roundtable Perspective on Navigating Patent Protection

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