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Peru: Recent changes to IP and unfair competition law

16 September 2018 by Adriana Barrera

Giovana Palacios and Adriana Barrera of BARLAW-Barrera & Asociados analyse the changes implemented by Legislative Decree No 1391.

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Join IP STARS 2019 research webinar

11 September 2018 by Managing Intellectual Property

Managing IP invites you to a webinar which will provide guidance on making submissions to IP STARS

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African governments show increased interest in IP protection

31 August 2018 by Spoor & Fisher

On June 28 2018 the Zimbabwean authorities published a document entitled the Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Policy and Implementation Strategy.

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Applicant is responsible for checking patent text

31 August 2018 by Jakob Pade Frederiksen

Pursuant to Rule 71(3) of the European Patent Convention (EPC), towards the termination of the examination proceedings, the Examining Division of the European Patent Office (EPO) shall inform the applicant of the text in which it intends to grant the European patent.

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Breeding a superior duck

31 August 2018 by Editha Hechanova

About 47% of the land area of the Philippines is devoted to agriculture. The agriculture sector can be divided into four groups: farming, fisheries, livestock, and forestry.

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Change to patent examiners manual creates uncertainty

31 August 2018 by FB Rice

It is a long-standing principle of Australian patent law that determining whether or not a patent application is directed towards patentable subject matter should be done separately to determining issues of novelty and inventive step.

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Court allows laches defense in cancellation case

31 August 2018 by Karen Artz Ash

In the last few years, the US Supreme Court has held that laches is not an available defense to claims for copyright or patent infringement brought within the limited periods described under each of the Copyright and Patent Acts

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Court rules in favour of Phillips in SEP dispute

31 August 2018 by Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan

In a judgment dated July 12 2018, the Delhi High Court has allowed a plea of patent infringement by Koninklijke Philips Electronics (Phillips)

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Court uses competition law to tackle bad faith registration

31 August 2018 by GoldenGate Lawyers

Bad faith trade mark registrations are a persistent problem encountered by foreign companies in China. It is reported that large-scale bad faith trade mark registrations have created an industry for numerous Chinese individuals and companies.

News & Analysis

Determining litigation value in patent appeals

31 August 2018 by Stefanie Parchmann

At last, Germany has clear guidelines regarding the litigation value of an appeal to the German Federal High Court of Justice (BGH)