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News & Analysis

Law on national domain images changes

01 September 2018 by Aurélia Marie

A French court issued a ruling on April 13 2018 concerning the photographs of Chambord Castle used by Kronenbourg breweries in the context of an advertising campaign for one of their beers.

News & Analysis

Public order, morals and good customs prevent trade mark

01 September 2018 by Managing Intellectual Property

Early this year, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property issued decisions denying registration for the trade mark PINCHE GRINGO BBQ & Design in classes 43 (restaurants) and 30 (sauces)

News & Analysis

Change to patent examiners manual creates uncertainty

01 September 2018 by FB Rice

It is a long-standing principle of Australian patent law that determining whether or not a patent application is directed towards patentable subject matter should be done separately to determining issues of novelty and inventive step.

News & Analysis

Examining proposed amendments to evidence collection procedures

01 September 2018 by ABE & Partners

The Japanese IP system has vulnerable evidence collection procedures in comparison with foreign countries.

News & Analysis

Turkey: New company set to boost IP commercialisation

31 August 2018 by Özge Atilgan Karakulak

Özge Atılgan Karakulak and Güldeniz Doğan Alkan of Gün + Partners examine the advantages and disadvantages of TÜRKSMD, a new company set up by the Turkish IP Office to value intellectual property rights

News & Analysis

Examining the droit moral of integrity

02 July 2018 by Managing Intellectual Property

In Mexico, droit moral is attached to the author and is inalienable, does not expire, cannot be waived and cannot be encumbered. The author and his/her heirs can enforce this right.

News & Analysis

Supreme Court examines patent infringement case concerning the limitation period

02 July 2018 by Managing Intellectual Property

The general limitation period for juridical actions in Austria is 30 years. However, particular laws can stipulate shorter or longer limitation periods.

News & Analysis

Kenyan authorities propose changes to the ACA and IPA

02 July 2018 by Wayne Meiring

The Kenyan authorities have published a bill, the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2018 (the Bill), which proposes significant changes to two pieces of IP legislation.

News & Analysis

Use of the same mark for alcoholic and non-alcoholic products

02 July 2018 by Daniel Greif

The Thai Alcohol Control Act (the ACA) B.E. 2551, enacted in 2008 sets out the legal framework for trade restrictions on alcoholic beverages in Thailand. Along with the related implementing Ministerial Regulations, the ACA has had implications for trade mark owners’ rights.

News & Analysis

IPOPHL proposes amendments to mediation rules

02 July 2018 by Editha Hechanova

All government agencies such as the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) are directed to promote the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in resolving disputes and cases.