Managing Intellectual Property IP STARS is pleased to announce that the lists of the highly recommended IP practitioners in private practice are now available on Click on any region above and select the jurisdiction you are interested in to see its IP stars. Please note that there are countries for which we do not currently publish stars list, though you will find our firm rankings for those countries. You can also use the search bar to find out if someone is an IP star.

The list is based on the information available at the time the research for the 2018 edition of IP STARS was officially concluded (January 2018).The individuals were selected following our independent review of market feedback (i.e. from peers and/or clients) and available data including publicly available information. Selection is not based on participation in our research, and an individual can be selected without being recommended by peers and/or clients.

The individual rankings and practice areas

We publish two Global Handbooks each year: the Patent Handbook (in which you will find all the patent stars for the year) and the Trade Mark/Copyright Handbook (for all soft IP stars). Where appropriate, some individuals will appear in both books. The stars are also tagged accordingly online, i.e. 'Patent Star' and 'Trade Mark Star', the two main individual rankings we have, but in certain jurisdictions we also have 'Copyright Star' and 'Transactions Star' rankings. Currently, we do not have any other individual ranking category and therefore we will use the most appropriate available ranking and practice areas to showcase where they have been recommended.

Please note that the practice area and industry information is not an exhaustive list of the individual's practice. This basic information is based on questionnaires completed and/or, in a few cases, our own independent research findings. We are happy to consider requests for amendments to this information and will deal with each request on a case by case basis, making the necessary changes as soon as possible. 

The list is subject to change each year, and our aim is to keep the website up to date thoughout the year. An individual may be removed from our website where subsequent verifiable information suggests he or she should no longer be recognised by us, especially in the case of serious professional misconduct. Click here to learn more about IP STARS including FAQs.
If you have any information, enquiries or feedback concerning our publication please send it to

Congratulations to all who made this year’s list.