From Managing IP’s UAE IP Firm of the Year (2016) Clyde & Co we learn that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Trade Mark Law and Implementing Regulations have been published in Saudi Arabia’s official gazette. According to the firm’s update, Saudi Arabia intends to charge SAR 6,500 (USD 1,735) – a 7% reduction from SAR 7,000 (USD 1,865) - for registering a trade mark. “These official fees are still amongst the highest in the Middle East and globally.  However, any reduction is likely to be welcomed by brand owners,” says the authors.

The Implementing Regulations also indicate that there will be new official fees for actions such as oppositions and appeals, but fees for searches will remain unchanged while renewals will increase. “Overall, unlike Kuwait and Bahrain, this is somewhat of a mixed bag, with some fees increasing, some decreasing and others remaining unchanged.” Legislation still needs to be passed by the government before the GCC Trade Mark Law and these fee changes can enter into force. As the authors explained: “[T]his is not guaranteed and, for example, it is possible that there will be changes to the official fees when the Law is enacted – this will only be confirmed at the time of implementation.”

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