No more hourly billing, no more flat-fees for each action. Leo Patent Law Office announces a transformative shift in its billing model. In a bold move to better serve its clients and provide more transparency, the firm has transitioned from traditional hourly billing to a modern and client-centric subscription-based model.

Clients can choose a low monthly subscription fee for a set number of hours of service per month, which includes patent application drafting, filing, and prosecution with the USPTO and EPO. This model provides all the advantages of having in-house counsel while maintaining the expertise and objectivity of external representation.

Ronny Amirsehhi, founder of Leo Patent Law Office, shared his thoughts on this strategic shift, saying, "We are excited to introduce this subscription-based billing model as a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing transparent patent prosecution services to our clients. We believe that this approach will not only simplify billing but also enable us to build stronger, long-lasting relationships with our clients."

This strategic decision reflects Leo Patent Law Office's dedication to providing a consistent and comprehensive prosecution strategy that maximizes patent protection while minimizing costs.

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