This article highlights how firms and practitioners can participate in our research and why it is important to do so each year.

How can firms participate in the research?

The minimum we expect from firms each year is the submission of their firm questionnaire and client referees documents ('research forms'). The submission process is simple: complete the research forms and upload to our online submissions portal.

Why is it important for firms to submit each year?

We use the research data for the IP STARS rankings and the Managing IP Awards programme. Submitting your research forms each year helps us build up strong research data on your firm and practitioners (this is particularly relevant to unranked firms).

Failure to submit your research forms each year may affect or influence our decisions.

Our firm rankings are subject to change each year, i.e. a firm can be added, upgraded, downgraded or removed. Our practitioner rankings are also subject to change each year. There is absolutely no guarantee that a ranked firm or individual will be ranked again in the next edition or in the future.

We consider all participating firms for the Managing IP Awards programme, and any firm, regardless of ranking, can be shortlisted.

Unranked firms that consistently participate in our research may be added to our website for research/editorial purposes.

Do firms and individuals have to pay to participate in the research and/or to be ranked or to win an award?

No! Participation in our research is free. For the avoidance of doubt, commercial relationship/dealings with Managing IP (for example, paying for a subscription or advertisement) do not and will not influence our research results. The rankings and awards are decided strictly on merit.

Are there any major changes this year?

Our research methodology and submission process have not changed. However, each year we look to improve our research forms based on feedback.

Can you briefly explain your research methodology?

The IP STARS rankings and the Managing IP awards are primarily based on an independent review of all the available information, including research forms and market feedback. Please read more about our methodology here.

Where can those who wish to participate find the research forms and guidelines/deadlines?

The research forms, link to the online submission portal, and submission guidelines/deadlines are made available here.

We have IP teams in different countries; can we submit one firm questionnaire to cover all the countries?

You are required to submit one form for each country. Please only submit for the country in which you would like us to consider your firm for our rankings and awards.

We have IP teams in offices across the United States; can we submit one firm questionnaire to cover all these states?

We publish national rankings for the United States as well as rankings covering all the 50 states plus the District of Columbia. The Managing IP Awards programme also features national and state categories.

The minimum we expect from US firms is a national submission. However, please also submit for the state(s) for which you would like us to consider your firm for our rankings and awards.

Firms that also submit by state typically select the states in which they have strong IP teams instead of submitting for all states where they have offices.

When would you survey individual practitioners and how does it work?

We normally send the practitioner survey email in October to current IP Stars and other practitioners who are interested in taking part in our surveys.

Please note that completing the survey does not guarantee ranking, and there is no special form or survey to complete to be considered for the Managing IP Top 250 Women in IP list and Corporate IP Stars list.

Can the marketing/business development staff complete the practitioner survey on behalf of practitioners?

No. The practitioner survey is designed for practitioners to complete themselves. Please also note that we do not have a Word or PDF copy of the practitioner survey.

When do you start your research interviews?

First, you do not need to submit your research forms before scheduling an interview with us. The main purpose of the interview is to get feedback on our rankings and the Managing IP awards.

We start scheduling interviews from September and normally complete research interviews in February. Interview slots are subject to availability and offered on a first come, first served basis.

Because of the scale of our project, with thousands of firms and individuals researched, some firms and individuals will not receive an interview slot but this will not influence our ranking or award decisions.

When will you publish the results of your research?

We start publishing the research results from February each year. The firm rankings are featured in the Managing IP magazine and later on this website. The Managing IP awards shortlists are published at

We will inform firms and individuals about any results published, with an announcement on our news page here.

Where can we find more information about your research?

We have a summary of our research and publication here. You can also find more frequently asked questions here. If you still have further questions after reviewing all the information on our website or have feedback to share please send them to

Keep an eye on our news page (here), follow us on Twitter (@IP_STARS) and/or join our LinkedIn group page.