Yves Bizollon

Bird & Bird - France

Patent star 2023



Practice areas:

Patent litigation
Patent strategy & counseling

I'm a Paris-based partner leading our Intellectual Property Group in France, with over 30 years' experience in IP. I also led the establishment of the Bird & Bird office in Lyon.

Thanks to the experience I have acquired over decades working in the sector, I have gained a deep and broad understanding of IP in various areas, on both French and international levels. I have had the chance to handle some of the most significant and complex IP litigations, with a strong focus on patents, in an extensive range of sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food, telecomms, energy, defence and automotive.

From this understanding, I have drawn some simple rules on what the perfect IP litigator's skillset should be: a great sense of the strategy, based on a simple and practical view of the case; a wise and innovative understanding of the legal issue; and perseverance. I have often experienced how a fair balance of perseverance, and a strong understanding of both the legal and factual background, can make a difference in terms of creating a winning strategy. However, the decisive factor in all cases is the collaborative relationships that are set with the client.

Besides my practicing as a lawyer, I am a Professor at CEIPI in Strasbourg, a lecturer at Centre Paul Roubier and teach regularly at Montpellier Law University.

In addition, I am a member of the board of AAPI (French IP litigators association) and other many professional organisations including APEB, EPLAW, APRAM, GRAPI and AIPPI, where I am Honorary President of its French Group.

Before joining Bird & Bird, I was an IP partner in a French law firm.