1100 13th Street NW Suite #1200
Washington DC 20005
United States of America


Patent star 2023


Practice areas:

Patent prosecution
Patent strategy & counseling

Industry sectors:

Life sciences
Universities & research

Sarah works to protect her clients’ technologies so they will be successful in the marketplace. Capitalizing on her many years in practice, Sarah practices with an eye to the future, looking ahead to the full life cycle of a patent. Having been involved in a variety of adversarial proceedings, she constructs the foundational documents focused on future attacks, and how they can be avoided and/or rebutted.

Based on Sarah's background in biotechnology research, she has focused on related technologies in her legal practice. These include areas of cancer genetics, virology, immunotherapeutics, immunodiagnostics, neurological disease treatments, recombinant organisms, tissue engineering, oncology treatments and assessments, hematology factors and diseases, multifunctional antibody constructs, therapeutic agent manufacturing methods, allergic diseases, nucleic acid analysis methodology, and ophthalmological treatments.

Sarah’s leadership positions both within the law firm (board of directors) and in the community (committee chairs and president) help her take a holistic view of how any individual project fits into the goals of the entire organization. She leverages this experience in respectfully working toward achieving agreement with other parties.

Year Joined Firm: 1984

Education/Alumni: The George Washington University Law School