Regional Head, Patents UK

165-169 Scotland Street
G5 8PL


Patent star 2022


United Kingdom (Scotland)

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Russell Thom’s scientific background includes a degree in medical biochemistry from the University of Glasgow and a PhD relating to the determination of the protein structure of glutathione-S-transferases to enhance herbicide selectivity. With a core expertise in the field of biotechnology, Russell has a particular focus on peptide-based therapies, nucleic acid-based therapeutics, diagnostic assays and medical devices.

He has worked extensively with universities, biotechnology companies, and large corporates, assisting them on all aspects of the patent process. This includes the assessment of initial ideas through to the delivery of a suitable patent strategy, optimised to achieve the commercial goals required.

Russell has been extensively involved with initiatives to raise IP awareness within organisations. He routinely provides seminars, workshops and IP surgeries to academics and R&D staff to promote knowledge in relation to intellectual property. He has also worked with a number of larger organisations to develop intellectual property policies covering all aspects of IP management, from initial capture and review of inventions to management processes for large intellectual property portfolios. That allows organisations to maximise the return from their intellectual assets.

Russell joined Murgitroyd in 2000 and is based in the company’s Glasgow office. He was appointed Director of Patents in 2008. As practice group leader of the company’s life sciences and chemistry team, he has a leading role in the management of the company’s life sciences and chemistry offering across Europe. He also has responsibility for risk management issues across the company.

Core Expertise: Biochemistry, medical biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, proteomics, structural biology, x-ray crystallography, peptide therapies, nucleic acid therapies, diagnostic assays, medical devices, life sciences, chemistry, next generation sequencing, CRISPR, and single cell processing.


  • BSc Medical Biochemistry, University of Glasgow
  • PhD Chemistry
  • Chartered Patent Attorney (UK)
  • European Patent Attorney