Rising star 2021


United Kingdom (England)

Practice areas:

Patent litigation
Patent strategy & counseling

Industry sectors:

Life sciences
Oil & gas

I am a patent litigation specialist in London. I advise clients from a range of industries, particularly life sciences, but also hi-tech.

I have a keen interest in both the technical and legal issues raised in patent litigation. In developing and carrying out a litigation strategy, I ensure that the client's needs and objectives are paramount. This starts with understanding why the client is engaged in the dispute in the first place and how it fits in – or does not – with their business strategy, but it is much more than that. It draws on the whole approach I take to working here at Bird & Bird.

I adapt working practices to the client. My clients have ranged from experienced patent litigators to those who have never been involved in a patent dispute before. The importance of the litigation can range from business-critical downwards. Knowing where on these scales a client and a dispute fit is important when advising clients.

A client is usually a large business but I also deal with individuals. I consider who they are, who their boss is, and how they prefer to communicate.

As a senior associate I have day-to-day management of my own work and that of a team. I look to balance experience and cost of the team members with urgency of the required task to ensure delivery of the best result for the client at each stage.

Besides work on client matters I provide in-house training on patent law and litigation both for our junior lawyers and on an ongoing basis for more senior colleagues. This is part of my contribution to the firm's market leading patent litigation team, as well as something that provides valuable self-education and reflection for me. Similarly I will highlight to clients any key legal developments which I know will be of interest to them, and welcome the opportunity to provide seminars or hold discussions about them.


Last updated 29th June 2020