Cecilia Tholse Rogmark

Gulliksson - Sweden

Attorney at Law, Partner

Scheelevägen 27

+46 73 519 59 50

Copyright star 2023

Top 250 Women in IP 2023



Practice areas:

Patent disputes
Trade mark

Industry sectors:

Film & music

Cecilia Tholse Rogmark is an expert on intellectual property rights. Cecilia’s expertise lies particularly in trademarks and copyright but really comprises all types of measures necessary in securing the client’s legal protection – from idea, to launching and marketing of a finished product and the continued work with defending and maintaining a safe and adequate protection of its investments.

Cecilia has a great experience in the field of TV and film and all legal questions that can occur in relation to productions with moving images. Cecilia represents clients from single directors and actors to larger film- and TV-companies in drafting and negotiating all agreements for different productions and assignments.

Cecilia’s expertise is also including Sports law. She has a long experience in all different kinds of legal issues concerning sport and performances. Cecilia has had many appointments, such as chairman of the board for LdB FC, now FC Rosengård, referee and other positions of trust in clubs, associations and federations. Cecilia is today the chairman of the disciplinary committee of the Swedish Equestrian Federation.