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Satyapon & Partners, established in 1995, is one of Thailand’s leading IP firms, it is globally recognized and award winning.

Our exceptional team of over 50 attorneys, patent agents, technical associates and translators, specializing in IP matters covers all fields of technology, innovation and human endeavor. Unlike multi-discipline firms we are highly specialized, our focus is our strength.

Satyapon & Partners excels in providing expert, insightful advice in all areas of IP law including prosecution and enforcement of patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. As well as IP searches and watches, assignment, licensing, franchising, regulatory approvals, investigation and litigation.

We represent both private individuals and companies, public entities and even foreign governments.

Trademark - Over 20,000+ trademarks registered
Patent - Over 6,000+ patents granted
Enforcement - Over 1,100 raids and Customs seizures a year
Boutique Service – Global Protection

Our expert team of trademark professionals is trusted by many of the most world renowned brands on the planet to register and protect their marks, image and goodwill in Thailand and the surrounding countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Trademark registration is only the first step in a comprehensive brand protection strategy. We offer the full gamut of trademark essentials including comprehensive searches, prosecution, renewals, licensing, oppositions, cancellations, negotiations, watch services, customs training and recordals, and recordals of changes. As well as more comprehensive strategies including tailored monetization and enforcement policies and procedures.

Our trademark litigation team has been able to overturn numerous unfavorable Trademark Board Decisions at both the IP Court and Supreme Court levels.

We have in-house experts capable of dealing with almost every field of human endeavor and innovation. We have experts in the fields of life sciences, biotechnology, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanics and information technology on staff. We can also draw on a wide range of outside experts and Thailand’s top university researchers to assist in our patent prosecution and litigation largely due to our partners’ extensive participation and promotion of higher education in Thailand.

We understand patents are critical to our client’s profitable business operations, successful prosecution and litigation of patent rights can potentially make or break a business. While highly successful in court our team prides itself on our ability to successfully negotiate out of court settlements in even the most bitterly contentious disputes through strategic planning, research and preparation thereby mitigating our client’s legal fees.

Our patent litigation team has a proven track record of shutting down patent infringement cold and successfully litigated many invalidation actions.

Search Services
Insightful, expert advice based on clearance search results is critical when making business decisions about entering or bringing products into a new market. Our search department offers some of the most comprehensive and qualified risk analysis in the industry. Whether you are seeking to register a new distinctive mark or want to ensure use of a non-distinctive and/or unregistered mark is risk free, bring a new product to market or start research and development into a new area our experts provide advice our clients can count on to mitigate their risks, assess the viability of registering their mark or patent, and defend their mark or patent against infringers or accusations of infringement.

With over 20,000 successful trademark registrations, over 6,000 patent grants and over 12,000 searches conducted over the years our team are truly experts in the field. No-one understands the highly conservative Thai Trademark and Patent Office’s practices better, we know the subtleties of their practices, and when and how some practices may seem contrary to the letter of the law. Allowing us to help our client’s navigate the registration process, prevent infringement and defend against claims of infringement successfully.

Our in-house enforcement team excels at IP enforcement and contentious matters both locally and in cross jurisdictional cases, and has successfully shut down infringing websites, retail shops, wholesale distributors and factories, including one in mainland China this past year. Our firm executes more raids each year than any other firm in Thailand working very closely with the Royal Thai Police, Customs and the Department of Special Investigations (DSI).

How effective is your enforcement team? Since inception we have been directly responsible for the removal of over 100 million USD in infringing goods (retail value) from the Thai and surrounding jurisdictions marketplace. Our team has conducted over 2,000 customs seizures, over 10,000 police raids and now averages over 1,000 raids per year, which is almost 5 raids per working day. We have shuttered over 50 factories, closed down over 500 retail locations, taken down over 500 websites and social media selling channels and the list goes on.

We also excel at preventative measures sending countless cease and desist letters, maintaining exceptional watch services and successfully reaching out of court settlements in a long list of contentious matters.

We are enforcement in Thailand.

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