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Firm - Year of Establishment: 1961
Number of Partners: 9
Total Number of IP Practitioners: 360
Languages Spoken at the Firm: English, Japanese, Chinese

Lee International is one of the largest internationally-recognized intellectual property law firms in Korea. Since its establishment in 1961, Lee International has been devoted in providing clients with a broad range of the excellent level of intellectual property services based on our core values of integrity and competence. Lee International is the most reliable partner in meeting clients’ global IP needs based on comprehensive understanding of clients’ concerns, and in supporting them to achieve successful businesses.

Lee International is renowned in providing cost-efficient solutions for the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights of clients through our exceptional services provided by highly-qualified IP professionals and technical experts. Lee International works to promote innovation and enhance the value of clients’ intellectual property rights by closely cooperating with clients in all sectors. Our established attorneys regularly cooperate with trusted colleagues across the world for managing clients’ intellectual assets to maximize their value.

Patent practice
Our team of attorneys has strong technical and scientific backgrounds and many of our attorneys hold advanced degrees in specified scientific areas and had industry experience prior to becoming an attorney. Our team also includes in-house subject matter experts who prepare and deliver the high-quality Korean language translations of the foreign language specifications. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the relevant technological areas in evaluating clients’ most complex patents and the value of the patent portfolios to safeguard the value of their intellectual property assets. Lee International’s patent practice includes 60 patent attorneys supported by 150 technical engineers and administrative staff members. Lee International’s patent practice is divided into three main technology groups:

  • Electronics and information technology
  • Machinery
  • Chemistry and Life Science

Litigation Practice
Lee International has newly reorganized the IP litigation team to strengthen its capabilities in IP litigation and prosecution. Lee International's IP litigation team includes experienced attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys who have handled various IP matters in the areas of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and unfair competition. The IP litigation team has successfully represented the clients in disputes related to infringement, license agreement and negotiations, and technology transfer, and trial proceedings before the Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board (IPTAB) and the civil and criminal courts. Recently, former judges from the Patent Court and patent attorneys who were former IPTAB trial judges have joined the team, and the team already achieved outstanding results in IP infringement and invalidation trials and litigations, and IP prosecution.
With the reorganized IP litigation team, Lee International provides a comprehensive solution from IP prosecution to dispute resolution and makes the best effort to provide the most comprehensive and highest quality service to protect the rights of clients.

General Team Capacity

Comprised of over 120 professionals supported by over 270 staff members and advisors.

Strong Prosecution Capability

In 2022, Lee International prosecuted more than 5,700 applications. 

Comments and Analysis on an Office Action

Lee International provides proposed amendments with available options for our clients.

Effective Communication

Many of our attorneys are bilingual and can effectively communicate in English or Japanese.

Extensive Patent Litigation Experience

Lee International has extensive experience in patent litigation, including enforcing/defending patent claims including injunctive relief and damage for patent infringement, patent invalidation trials and confirmation-of-scope trials.

Innovative Patent Strategy Counseling

Lee International provides customized strategies for our clients' patent prosecution as well as effective enforcement of patent rights in Korea. Lee International has a full understanding of the needs and concerns of foreign based clients.

Diverse Practice Areas


Lee International handles complex licensing matters, acquisitions and divestitures of IP, and technology transactions including development, alliance and distribution agreements.

Patent Search/ Opinions

Lee International conducts invalidation searches and freedom-to-operate searches, and provides non-infringement and invalidity opinions.

Key IP Areas
Copyright & related rights, Designs, Intellectual property (contentious), Intellectual property (prosecution), IP transactions, Life sciences IP, Patent, Patent contentious, Patent prosecution, PTAB litigation, Trade mark, Trade mark contentious, Trade mark prosecution, ITC litigation

Key Sector Expertise
Aerospace, Aerospace, Artificial intelligence, Computer technology & services, Chemical, Biotechnology, Automotive, Electrical, Electronics, Fashion & luxury goods, Tobacco, Telecommunication, Technology hardware, Semiconductors, Robotics, Pharmaceutical, Oil & gas, Renewable energy, Professional services, Medical device, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Life sciences, Internet, Instruments, Industrials, ICT & software, Food & beverage, Nanotechnology, Optics & photonics, Agriculture, FMCG, Gaming, Universities & research