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President: C. Leon Kim
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Number of Partners: 17
Number of Practitioners : 57
Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, French and German

First-tier IP Firm in Korea

FirstLaw P.C. is a law firm engaged primarily in the practice of IP law.  FirstLaw P.C. was founded in 1988, and since then has rapidly grown to become one of the leading IP law firms in Korea.  Throughout the span of three decades since its founding, the Firm has consistently enjoyed the reputation for its quality services as a top-tier IP firm in Korea.

FirstLaw’s practice encompasses all aspects of intellectual property, including patents, utility models, trademarks, designs, domain names, trade secrets, licensing, intellectual property portfolio development and management, and other related areas.


Talented and Dedicated Professionals

FirstLaw’s patent attorneys hold advanced degrees in various technical and scientific disciplines, such as computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, biotechnology and chemistry.  By combining the depth of education and experience with up-to-date knowledge of jurisprudence, rules and procedures of various jurisdictions gained through the Firm’s long-term overseas education programs, FirstLaw’s attorneys provide clients with the most efficient IP prosecution services.


IP Protection Activities

In addition to IP prosecution activities, the Firm specializes in protecting the valuable IP rights of its clients.  FirstLaw’s attorneys formulate comprehensive enforcement programs, which seek to prevent infringement in the marketplace, as well as successfully prosecute and defend infringement actions when they arise.  They also develop domestic and global litigation strategies and coordinate multi-jurisdictional litigation in cooperation with outstanding lawyers in other countries with whom they have established cooperative relationships for many years. 

FirstLaw P.C. has also been actively involved in various IP-related transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, cooperative research and development agreements, consulting and employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements and licenses.


Chemical/Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Practice Group

Among the three (3) patent groups, the chemical/pharmaceutical/biotechnology practice group provides outstanding legal services by virtue of its members’ accumulated technical knowledge, information pooling and extensive practice experience in patent filing, prosecution, trial, litigation, licensing, and counseling in extensive chemistry-related areas encompassing organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, textile, agrochemical, food engineering, new materials, and semiconductor manufacturing processes and materials.


Electronics/IT Practice Group

The electronics/IT practice group concentrates on protecting the cutting-edge technologies of clients based on its diverse experience and in-depth knowledge.  Group members possess expertise and a broad range of experience in the fields of semiconductor devices, display systems, wired/wireless communications, computer hardware and software, electronic control systems, electronic components, nanotechnology, and online businesses, among others.


Mechanical Practice Group

The mechanical practice group meets the needs of clients in a wide variety of technology areas including general mechanics, automotive and aeronautical instruments, mechatronics, control devices, measurement instruments, medical equipment, and nuclear power generators, to name a few.


Trademark/Design Group

In the trademark/design group, attorneys assist clients in the strategic selection, application, registration, management and enforcement of trademark, design and domain name rights in a cost-effective manner.  They also help clients prevent third-party misappropriation of trademarks and names by opposing registration and seeking cancellations of existing registrations at the Korean Intellectual Property Office and before various national and regional patent and trademark offices under the Madrid Protocol.


Litigation Group

Lastly, the litigation group is proud to provide each client with customized, high-quality, and efficient legal services in a cost effective manner.  FirstLaw’s trial lawyers are armed with deep understanding of technology in various fields, in addition to legal experience and expertise.  The litigation group has been engaged in a number of major patent infringement actions and has been highly successful thanks to its dedicated and close working relationship with the clients. 


Last updated 28th August 2019

Main area of practice: Patent prosecution, Counseling and legal opinion, Technology transfer,  Advocating and enforcement activities, Safeguarding of trade secrets, Trademarks and domain names, and Copyright