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CWB is an IP and legal consulting firm with offices across the Middle East and North Africa and a representative office in Washington DC. CWB has been operating in Dubai for over 10 years assisting clients with trademark registration and enforcement; patent drafting, registration, enforcement and commercialisation; copyright and design protection; and anti-counterfeit services. Our clients range from multi-national companies, academic and research organisations, and SMEs to individual inventors and startup entrepreneurs. CWB provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for international clients looking to manage their IP portfolios across the region and for regional clients looking to protect and manage their IP in international markets.

In 2017, CWB’s patent practice expanded to offer two additional services - patent enforcement and commercialisation services. 

Patent enforcement and commercialisation in the GCC are developing areas still very much in their infancy. While the law sets out the basic principles for enforcement, there is little precedence to follow. CWB is breaking new ground with several cases of patent dispute and enforcement in the last year, one involving a large MNC company with significant ramifications for enforcement of GCC patents at the national level.

One of CWB’s major collaborations is with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. Our patent practice provides patent procurement and commercialisation services to applicants through the Takamul program to drive IP creation and innovation in the UAE. This collaboration gives CWB the opportunity to be involved in IP implementation and value creation, contributing to the vision of innovation-driven economic diversification.

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