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Sandart & Partners has been advising Swedish and foreign clients since 1953. The firm provides traditional business legal advice, and focuses in particular on a few carefully chosen areas of law: Dispute resolution, intellectual property, marketing law, trade secrets and competition law.

Intellectual Property:
Sandart & Partners is a niche firm with a high degree of specialisation in intellectual property related law and trade secrets. The services provided by the firm in this field can be divided into two main areas: enforcement of IPRs, and commercialisation of IPRs.
Contact: Karin Cederlund and Dag Sandart

Marketing law:
Sandart & Partners represents clients in a variety of industries – including pharmaceutical and food industries – in regulatory matters and marketing law litigation. We are often engaged at the planning stages for new advertisement campaigns and product launches, in order to constructively contribute to the adherence of relevant regulations.
Contact: Karin Cederlund and Anders Kylhammar

Trade secrets:
Sandart & Partners provides strategic advice as well as drafting and reviewing contracts that relate to trade secrets. In the event that it becomes necessary, we assist by acting as counsel in court or arbitration tribunals to minimize the damage that may occur.
Contact: Anders Kylhammar and Jonas Nasman

Competition law:
Sandart & Partners assists in competition law analysis of contracts and business strategies. We also represent clients in disputes concerning claims of abuse of dominant position and anti-competitive agreements.
Contact: Dan Eklöf

Commercial Dispute Resolution:
Sandart & Partners has extensive experience of court and arbitral proceedings in disputes relating to IPRs and other fields of business law. Its lawyers in this context act as counsel as well as arbitrators. The firm is strongly committed to the development of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and is a member of CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution.
Contact: Göran Antonsson and Peter Sande

Sandart & Partners offers clients assistance regarding corporate transactions on an international level including preparation and conduct of negotiations. These services are usually performed for IP intensive clients in Sweden and abroad. A major part of the services rendered in this area has concerned software enterprises and advertising agencies.
Contact: Göran Antonsson and Jonas Näsman

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