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News & Analysis

Examining non-trade mark rights protected by Chinese trade mark law

01 June 2018 by Lily Changxin Lei

In recent years, the protection system for trade mark rights has become more and more mature in China. Non-trade mark rights have also caught the attention of IP practitioners and even outsiders.

News & Analysis

Addressing the conflict between trade mark and copyright

01 June 2018 by Tilleke & Gibbins

Under Vietnamese law, if a logo is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of its holder from those of others, it can qualify for trade mark protection.

News & Analysis

Ascertaining Thailand’s rules on trade marks relating to alcohol

01 June 2018 by Daniel Greif and Dhanasun Chumchuay

The Thai Alcohol Control Act (ACA) B.E. 2551(2008) sets the legal framework for restrictions on alcoholic beverages in Thailand, as well as establishing governmental bodies to oversee such restrictions, i.e. the National Alcohol Beverage Policy Committee and the Alcohol Beverage Control Committee.

News & Analysis

Permissible evidence before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property

01 June 2018 by Managing Intellectual Property

It has become common practice for parties of any administrative proceeding to ask the Institute of Industrial Property to require a third party, not related to the proceeding, or even its counterpart, to respond to several questions raised by the offeror of the proof.

News & Analysis

Istanbul IP court rejects PI demand due to pending invalidation action

01 June 2018 by Managing Intellectual Property

One of the two IP courts of Istanbul rejected a crucial precautionary injunction (PI) demand of a patent owner on the ground that the demand requires a full trial due to the pending invalidation action against the relevant patent.

News & Analysis

The importance of transparency in the new code

01 June 2018 by Joanne Martin

A new Code of Conduct for Trans-Tasman Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys (the code) came into effect on February 23 2018 to address two issues

News & Analysis

The importance of notice in patent infringement cases

01 June 2018 by Editha Hechanova

The IP Code of the Philippines does not expressly state that patented products must bear patent markings which serve to notify the public and competitors that products are patented. However, Section 80 of the IP Code provides that “damages cannot be recovered for acts of infringement committed before the infringer knew, or had reasonable grounds to know of the patent.

News & Analysis

The TTAB addresses issue preclusion and ex parte appeals

01 June 2018 by Karen Artz Ash

The US Supreme Court’s ruling in B&B Hardware, Inc v Hargis Industries, Inc provided that courts were obligated to give preclusive effect to decisions made by the US Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) if the ordinary elements of issue preclusion are met

News & Analysis

Unregistered trade marks in Kenya and the OAPI

01 June 2018 by Wayne Meiring

The recent Kenyan High Court decision of Fibrelink Limited v Star Television Productions Limited is important. This is because it confirms that it is possible to oppose a trade mark application in Kenya on the basis of a common law or unregistered mark.

News & Analysis

Court enforces agreement to stop grey marketing

01 June 2018 by Mark Davis

Trade mark owners should feel encouraged by the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision to enforce an agreement to prevent grey marketing (or parallel importing) in Mars Canada Inc v Bemco Cash & Carry Inc.