We are delighted to officially announce the publication of the second edition of Managing Intellectual Property Rising Stars. Managing IP has decided to make this year’s edition an online-only publication, but we will still have a soft copy of this edition for historical purposes. 

The 2019 edition features over 600 IP practitioners from more than 20 jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions were not covered in this edition.

To find this year’s rising stars in a jurisdiction, select the jurisdiction from the regional navigation tab and click on 'Practitioners' (for example, see the UK - England page here). We now tag any individual that is not currently ranked as an ‘unranked practitioner’ (some individuals with this tag were ranked as rising stars in the 2018 edition). The editorial/research team will contact this year's rising stars to take part in our Rising Stars Practitioner Survey (2020).

As usual, with any IP STARS publication, there are many individuals that have not been ranked this year. The number of firms and jurisdictions covered is based on available research data and subject to change each year. If you have any suggestions or questions concerning the Rising Stars list please send them to research@managingip.com or contact the research editor Kingsley Egbuonu.

Congratulations to all who made this year’s list.

About the Managing IP Rising Stars list

Managing IP launched its official Rising Stars list last year (read more here). The list recognises some of the best up-and-coming IP practitioners below partner level who contributed to the success of their firms and clients. Although selection is primarily based on an individual’s contributions and expertise, we can also take account of activities in the IP community.

The individuals we select as rising stars typically have less than 10 years post-qualification experience and are below partner or equivalent level. However, in certain circumstances we can consider and rank individuals with more than 10 years of experience and new junior partners. This year’s list is based on the information obtained during the research period for the 2019 edition of IP STARS (September 2018 to February 2019). There may be individuals who became partners or moved firms during or after the research period.

The Rising Stars publication complements the Corporate IP Stars (for in-house IP practitioners) and the Top 250 Women in IP (the leading female IP practitioners in private practice), all of which are produced by the IP STARS research team.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is Managing IP’s official Rising Stars list for 2019 and the list is not connected to or influenced by the Euromoney Legal Media Group Rising Stars awards programme. Furthermore, the fact that someone is mentioned in our firm editorial does not guarantee ranking.

IP STARS research is conducted rigorously and impartially. No firm or individual can pay to be ranked or win Managing IP’s awards. There is no fee to participate in our research. Firms and individuals can pay to publish their profile and practice information on this website.

Read our methodology for the firm rankings and individual practitioner listings here.