Vladimir Rybakov

ARS-Patent - Russia

Senior Partner

Pevchesky per., 12A
Saint Petersburg


+7 812 600 6707

Patent star 2021




Practice areas:

Patent litigation

Industry sectors:

Construction & materials

Vladimir Rybakov is a registered Russian and Eurasian patent attorney, one of the co-founders of ARS-Patent and its Senior Partner. 

Within nearly three decades of his IP practice Mr. Rybakov has worked with clients coming from a wide spectrum of industries and gained a unique experience and understanding of industry-specific nuances of IP law.

Mr. Rybakov has a broad experience in the sphere of mechanics, physics, electronics, transportation, and metallurgy. Mr. Rybakov’s patent practice focuses on filing and processing domestic and international utility models, patent and industrial design applications, licensing, and preparing various intellectual-related agreements, including cession agreements. Mr. Rybakov participated in developing strategies for the litigation and the protection of intellectual property.

Mr. Rybakov is registered to practice before the Russian and Eurasian Patent Offices and has experience in litigating before the Russian and Eurasian Patent Office. Furthermore, Mr. Rybakov has handled disputes and has defended the interests of invention, utility model, and industrial design owners in court proceedings in the Russian Federation. His technical, management, as well as intellectual property background, integrate seamlessly and allow Mr. Rybakov to provide excellent legal advice in the protection of intellectual property.

Mr. Rybakov not only contributes, but is also an active member in various charitable and civic organizations in the St. Petersburg area. As a frequent participant in domestic and international conferences and symposiums for specialists in the protection of intellectual property, Mr. Rybakov has given numerous presentations as an expert in this sphere.

Annualy Mr. Rybakov is recognized in various international and domestic rankings as the leading IP practitioner.


Year Joined Firm: 1993 


Vladimir Rybakov graduated from the St. Petersburg Baltic State Technical University in 1974, with a M.Sc. in mechanical engineering and a specialization in aircrafts and flying apparatuses. In 1986, Mr. Rybakov graduated with a distinction from the Russian Intellectual Property and Innovations Institute, earning a patent agent certificate.

Network Memberships: AIPPI, FICPI, INTA, LES International, Russian Chamber of Patent Attorneys


Last updated 8th July 2020